FL6-400 - k - 1 series hollow shaft magnetic powder clutch

FL6-400 - k - 1 series hollow shaft magnetic powder clutch

 Product Information

Magnetic powder clutch is by the drive unit (input shaft) and the driven unit (output shaft) merger. In the space between the two groups of units, filled with granular powder (Hugh about 40 microns). When magnetic coil not conductive, not from the shaft torque on the driven shaft, but such as electromagnetic coil electricity, magnetic powder is due to the role of magnetic attraction hardening phenomenon, in even the following would convey the torque between sliding.

Magnetic powder clutch features

(1) high precision control of torque control torque range is very wide, and high control precision, convey torque and excitation current into the right proportion, which can realize high precision control.

(2) the superior durability and long life of heat-resisting, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, super super alloy magnetic powder, life ?


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