ZXT - B series automatic constant tension controller

ZXT - B series automatic constant tension controller

 Product Information

Brief introduction:

ZXT - B digital precision type automatic constant tension controller, mainly by the tension tester, high precision A/D, D/A converter, high-performance single chip microcomputer, etc. The automatic constant tension controller based on tension detector measurement to the coil after comparing with the targets set by the tension, the microcontroller PID operation automatically regulate D/A output and change the magnetic powder clutch, brake of exciting current, or the torque of the servo motor to realize constant tension of coil, which can be widely used in all kinds of precision measurement and control of tension occasions, with the use of flexible and extensive applicability.

Taken the LCD can choose Chinese or English display

Taken the automatic and manual switch easily

Taken the tension detector for easy wiring

U convenient parameter Settings

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Accuracy of measurement:

< + 1 Newton

The sampling speed:

100 milliseconds

The main output mode:

DC 0-2 a constant current output load impedance 8-12 Ω (adaptation)

Assist the output:

DC 0 to 5 v analog signal output 10 ma (MAX)

The dimensions:

245 * 155 * 155 (mm) (width * deep high)

Installation size:


230 * 150 * 150 (mm) (width * deep high)

Power source:

AC 180-245V 50/60Hz


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