QX - B03 gassing axis (Φ 74) single arm type

QX - B03 gassing axis (Φ 74) single arm type

 Product Information


To use:

Suitable for coating, cutting, printing, rewinding, composite, papermaking, bag making, plastic and related machinery and scroll, particularly suitable for paper tube has high roundness or adopt surface and volume required, can effectively improve the work efficiency and product quality.

Structure features:

Aluminum alloy tiles, swell-shrink flexible; Configuration and high quality rubber bladder filling and exhaust gas mouth, good sealing effect, long service life; Removable shaft head, simple maintenance.

Relevant parameters:

Order project 1 "shaft parameters 2 "shaft parameters 3 "shaft parameters
1 Use paper tube diameter φ50mm φ75mm Φ152mm
2 Before inflatable gassing axis diameter φ48mm φ74mm Φ150mm
3 Before inflatable gassing axis diameter φ52mm φ79-80mm Φ156mm

Ordering information:

User gassing axis in order shall specify the type of the inflatable shaft, appearance size, mark shaft critical dimension tolerance level and order quantity. If you have special request, please contact with the company.


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