Producers to introduce gassing axis (alias) gassing axis gassing axis and daily maintenance work

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Producers to introduce gassing axis (alias) gassing axis gassing axis and daily maintenance work

Alias gassing axis axis have spirit, of expansion shaft, bilge gas shaft, inflatable roller, etc.

Inflatable roller products what are the classification of the inflatable roller is divided into bilge key inflatable shaft, leaf gassing axis surrounds us, bilge gassing axis button, aluminum alloy inflatable shaft, a differential inflatable shaft, spiral outer gassing axis type, large expansion inflatable shaft, pneumatic nail axis, etc.

Gassing axis 1, metal expansion key: with the expansion of the pneumatic or mechanical way to choose from, gassing axis metal bilge keys can be used for most products manufacturing and processing applications. This steel serrated auricular swelling key can prevent the high acceleration and deceleration slip is formed in coiling, can also minimize vibration in high speed.

2, bilge ?

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